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We didn’t become “America’s favorite motorhome” overnight. Rather, it took decades of sweating the small stuff — details other manufacturers choose to ignore because they’re hidden behind the layers that customers don’t see. But at Fleetwood RV, our customers don’t need X-ray vision to know they’re receiving a quality motor coach. We know every detail matters to ensure the longevity of your motorhome, and we know it’s those details that can set your coach apart from others on the road. From the invisible to the hidden and sometimes the obvious, here’s a look at some of our many intuitive motorhome construction details.
Fleetwood RV Durability
We take pride in every detail, right down to the gleam of each motorhome exterior, which is why Fleetwood has its very own 125,000-square-foot custom paint facility with six downdraft booths.

FULL-BODY PAINT: Instead of the industry standard vinyl and gel coat, Fleetwood offers automotive full-body paint with UV protection on all of its motorhomes. Whether standard or optional, this feature alone rockets your motorhome resale value.
SEAMLESS BELT TRIM: This seamless belt trim elegantly sheds water while dividing the sidewall and storage doors with an attractive, functional enhancement. Meanwhile, other RV manufacturers screw on this beltline, which attracts corrosive dirt and water.
DRYSEAL™ EDGE COATING: This water-wicking wall edge coating is applied to the perimeter edge of walls, as well as window frames, to seal out moisture that can cause swelling, mold and eventual de-lamination.
Though you can’t see these motorhome construction details, you can certainly feel them in a Fleetwood RV. We use only the premium insulation materials to ensure comfortable interiors.

TUFF-PEX PLUMBING SYSTEM: Unlike other manufacturers who choose to use outdated materials, Fleetwood features the Tuff-Pex plumbing system, featuring flexible and durable Oetiker tubings, fittings and stainless-steel rings, all with sub-zero ratings.
SOLID BEAD-FOAM INSULATION: Unlike hand-tucked fiberglass insulation that can sag in between beams over time, Fleetwood’s solid bead-foam insulation creates an engineered fit for some of the industry’s highest insulation R-values.
FULL-LENGTH METALLIC A/C DUCTS: Instead of cut-foam channels, the Fleetwood standard provides insulated and metallic A/C ducting, which runs the full length of the coach, ensuring cool air doesn’t get trapped in the roof, but rather makes it to the vents.
Fleetwood’s detailed focus even trickles down into the our exterior storage design. Each compartment is designed to deliver more space, more access and more durability.

TRUE BUS-STYLE CARGO DOORS: Instead of using “bargain-basement” doors with exposed seals and extruding hinges, Fleetwood uses a seamless cargo door design typically found on Class A luxury motor coaches.
EASY-TO-MAINTAIN COMPARTMENTS: From wipeable polyethylene compartments on our economical models to the hoseable Rotocast-molded storage boxes found on the rest of our lineup, these interiors are superior to industry-standard plywood boxes.
INDUSTRY-LEADING STORAGE CAPACITY: Thanks to the Class A Diesel Power Bridge Chassis®, the Class A gas Power Platform® and the Class C raised-floor truss system, Fleetwood boasts more basement storage than most other RVs.
* Please see each model’s Standards and Options for all applicable features.


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