Sun Vista Rv Resort in Yuma Arizona

Sun Vista Rv Resort is one of the first resorts in the Yuma area. Opened back in the 80’s, They were considered the ultimate in Recreational Vehicle camping, it’s obviously more than a trailer park, it’s a Resort and Sun Vista changed the entire Rv Park industry.

Park Models

Park Models were the solution to the problem of hauling your Rv from home to Yuma Arizona. Park Models are regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles. They are usually under 400 sq ft. and designed to be setup for longer stays. While they are an Rv Vehicle they are not as mobile as a Motorhome or Travel Trailer. They are required to be setup, hooking up plumbing, electric and leveling the whole unit, many put skirting around the outside.

Pre-Owned Park Models For Sale

You’ll find a nice selection slightly used park models for sale in sun vista in yuma arizona.
Click Here for Park Models for Sale in Sun Vista


Jan Esch

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