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The Consignment Process

Blue Diamond Home & RV has been serving the greater Southwest since 1985.  We specialize in selling new and used Manufactured Homes, Park Models, and all types of Recreational Vehicles. We believe that having you as a satisfied customer is our top priority.

Why should I consign with Blue Diamond?

We have a constant flow of interested buyers coming to our web pages and via other web sites and internet sources. We have For Sale signs in parks that prompt interested buyers to come to us. We advertise locally in the media. We have buyers interested in new units who can really only afford something pre owned.

We Take Trades

We have interested buyers who want to trade in their current RV or park model and we are able to take their trade at no cost to you, the seller. We are also able to aid potential buyers with financing sources.

We Take Tades

How much does it cost to consign?

It costs you as the seller absolutely nothing. You work with us to establish the cash amount you want for your home or RV. This is known as the net cash to the seller. When this amount has been established you then set an asking price for your home. We normally ask a bit more for room to negotiate if your potential buyer has a trade. There are many factors to take into consideration when establishing an asking price. This list includes age, condition, location, amenities in your RV Park, but most importantly a comparison of other units that have recently sold which is your true market value. Blue Diamond will establish a reasonable price based on our expertise and the current sales within the Yuma Arizona Area. Here is an example:

Let’s say you want $15,000 for your home or RV. We will do our best to market and sell your unit for the agreed price you desire, which is the net cash to you, the seller. Anything over $15,000 is what Blue Diamond makes as a profit for marketing and selling your unit. When we publish an asking price, it will be over the $15,000 that you want from the sale. The price difference enables us to take a trade and also gives us the ability to negotiate with buyers. People like to haggle and we all want to feel like we are getting a good buy and value for our money.

We look forward to helping you market and sell your home or RV in the Yuma and greater Show low area.

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